Crf 150r Strange rattle from engine

Hello guys, a strange question from Denmark.

We got a crf 150r in the family.

The thing is that it got this strange rattle from the engine. It sounds metalic.

It is worst and loud in the high rmp's, i almost cant hear it in idle.

It sounds like a loose metalic rattle.

It runs perfectly, it just have this loud annoying sound.

We have taken it apart 2 times, and replaced everything!

New Piston, crank, camshaft, clutch, chain, All bearings in the engine.

Pleas help, we are out of ideas.

Best regards from Denmark,

Mike Hansen

Sounds like cam chain tensioner and/or worn timing chain guides.

We also replaced them. I forgot to mention that.

It's a bit of a puzzle.

Best regards.

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