Leatt Pro Lite Roost Guard or Thor Sentinel Roost Guard?

Which is best and why? Will be hooked up with the Leatt GPX Race neck brace.

Riding style-Racing


Get the Pro Lite.

i have a leatt adventure lite for sale in the classifieds. i will honestly say it's a great protector and works well with the leatt neck braces. Check it out if you are interested.

I would honestly have to say buy neither. 99.9% of all chest protectors do not protect your chest or back from impacts, only roost. The same is true for the Leatt Chest Protector Lite. Very little protection. But for a few $ more and 2 ounces in weight you can wear a Leatt Chest Protector Lite Pro that passes the highest chest and back impact safety standrads in thye world, called CE Level 2.

Are any of these for under the jersey?

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