where do all the seals go

02 RM125---ive got a new seal kit and I cant find where one of them goes, ive got the 2 crank seals, kickstarter seal, shifter seal, countershaft seal, water pump seal, clutch seal ( the arm ) and then theres one more I cant find where it goes.... its the same size as one of the crank seals but I know the crank seals are crank seals b/c they're colored differently. any help, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The countershaft seal, for example, goes behind the countershaft sprocket (small sprocket).  You'll have to remove the chain and sprocket to access it, shouldn't be difficult to disassemble and put in the new seal.  As for the crank seals and all, I have no idea how to split cases which is highly involved, taking apart the whole motorcycle.  I would get with a mechanic to see what you can do yourself and what he can do for you.

Do you have a workshop manual ?

thanks but that's not what I was asking, and no I don't have a manual. I have 8 seals I only know where 7 of them go.... I know the countershaft seal goes on the countershaft, and crank seals go on the crank...etc. and that's what im saying I HAVE all the seals listed above and know where they go. what I don't know is where the eighth one goes ... sorry if it was confusing

the title was misleading I guess

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