Anyone used jersey Iron-ons?

just wondering. I've heard mixed reviews on them. deciding whether to spend the $40 and have BTO do it for me or buy the FX iron on kit for $20. thanks

Have them do it for you. I have tried to do it myself and its hard to keep it all perfect. I hate to spend the extra money but in the end it's worth the professional job. I think of it this way, pay for the iron-ons and jersey, struggle to do it yourself OR buy the jersey and let someone else do it. In the end it's not a huge difference in cost.

There is one more option, you can take it to a shirt printing store and they can apply it as well. But I don't know what it would cost.

Oh and the ones I had professionally done lasted longer through the abuse of riding and machine washing.

Absolutely have BTOsports do it for you, i have them do all of my jerseys and they do an amazing job! I have never had an issue and i ride the crap outta my gear!

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