Possible to fix engine with chemical metal or welding?

The shifter punctered the side of my engine.


Is it possible to fix or must i replace it?


Is it easy to replace?


Whats on the otherside of the hole? Is there a risk it has gotten contaminated? Must I open it up?


Thankful for advice.



2013-09-28 12.02.44.jpg

You can use JB Weld as a temporary fix, but replace the ignition cover as soon as you can...


Easy to replace...not an expensive part. The stator is on the other side of the hole.

Yeah , pick up a new gasket when you replace the cover .

If you have access to a TIG welder, I don't see why it couldn't be welded. For me that would be the best option, as the repair would be free.


You can rough it up and JB Weld it. Use the regular stuff, not the quick set. You'd be surprised at how well that stuff holds up. I have a few things around here that are still together years after I've applied it. It's possible that it may never leak with JB Weld, and you could ride on it indefinitely. The one problem is that if the shifter hits it again, it will crack again.


You can do like the DRZ guys, and grind down the shifter so it's not so sharp, then JB Weld a plate over the stator cover so it never happens again.

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