How to get out old bearing from linkage?

So, after a lot of work, and a punctered engine, my linkage arm came off.


However, the bearings on this one cant be pushed through and out on the otherside. 


As you can see, i tried to pull it out, but the side of it broke.


Any tips?


If heat is needed, where do i apply it?



2013-09-28 15.09.16.jpg


Dremel + carbide bit (used for cutting stainless steel countertops etc..)

You can pickup at home depot, lowes, etc..

Cut the race and before you break through it'll snap where the cut is and you pull the race out with you finger. No stress from pressing, just need to watch cutting through into the linkage housing.

I too have had to cut mine out with a dremel. I believe those bearings come out if you can push them from the inside towards the outside. You cannot just push them through. I could be wrong though.

If you have access to a mig welder run a quick bead all the way around the inside of the race and let it cool for a couple minutes, it will fall out.

I use a propane torch to heat the linkage arm where the bearing housing is and take a punch from the opposite side and mallet out. Not fun but effective.

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