torque specs

Anyone have torque specs for the spring bolts for clutch packs on 86/87 yz250?? After much research im thinging that my clutch pack is too tight and thats why my bike rolls freely in gear

Over torqueing the spring bolts won't cause your symptom.  If anything, over torqueing the spring bolts will break the mounts off the inner hub.


You issue is most likely a worn clutch pack, worn-out/wrong clutch springs or a mis-adjusted clutch cable......or, if someone put a modern engine oil with friction modifiers in the cases it is possible that the friction discs have been saturated and now just don't enough friction to work properly.  But I would start by checking the clutch cable adjustment and then going with a thorough inspection of the clutch hub, basket, steel and friction plates.

I figured it out.... the clutch adjuster at the center of the clutch set was all out of whack.

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