Shortening USD's for the XRL- Where to get the internal Spacers?

Hi, I read and read last night about the stokes of forks and what not, and I actually SEEN the internal fork shortening spacers in the Thumpertalk store at one time, but they are no where to be found now, though I am sure they are there.


Anyway, Where do they sell the spacers I need to shorten the travel on the CRF forks?


I had some 2003 CR250 forks that would bottom like crazy on the trail, so after selling some stuff I picked up some 2008 CRF450X forks that are cherry. They moved the axle back 2 mm in '08, and by chance I have the correct brake bracket on hand. This is a good sign!


I have all the stuff I need to rebuild them and I do want to lowering them while everything will be apart, vise having an inch or so sticking out the top of the triple. 


Also, on to the subject of fork oil... Just stick with the 5 wt, or go up to 10 wt due to the size of the pig? I ran 10 wt in the OEM forks and could tell no difference. 



Shortening those forks also requires recutting the groove for the spring seat circlip, which needs to be done on a lathe.  So whoever machines the grooves can also easily turn some spacers.


The few pictures I've seen seem to be aluminum spacers.  I wonder if HDPE spacers would provide a slight cushioning effect.

I was hoping for just a spacer it and forget about it deal, lol, I will have to do some more researching into this now! 

Alternatively, you can shorten the springs.

When I did my conversion I took mine to Doug Harvy Racing he was one of top suspension here in Flordia I say was because he moved damit! He shortened them to 11.5 travel, new bushings seals, new what he called works style valving system the same thing he did to my 08 CRF450R transformed that bike! And did shock too 700 dollars for all of that. Have got got to ride it as bike not done and being a OTR truck driver dont get to work on it much!


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