Not starting.

I had a full day of riding. Its my first dirtbike 2005 RM-Z 450. I dont know much but it ran good all day and on my last lap it bogged down, sounded deeper then normal. And I killed it to talk to buddies and it wouldnt start after words.. even a push start.. any ideas? Ps (it has an oil leak but it wasnt blowing white exhaust)

Carb needs cleaned? Replace spark plug? Does the bike even have spark?



Start with the simple things and get back to us with a little more info.

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Alright its been a while now, I dont have to much time on my hands now that we are getting close to winter. But I got the carb cleaned. Yes there is spark and compression.. fuel lines are fresh. Still doesnt start. Thinking top end rebiuld?

Check timing! I bet it will bump start, meaning that timing is off a tooth.

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