2009 condensate drain has oil

The other day I drained the condensate tube and oil came out-normally it is mostly water. I had flipped the thing upside down a few rides ago, and figured some oil had drained from the valve cover. I drained the tube, went for another ride- about 40 miles(without dumping it) and found oil in the line again. Not much, maybe a tablespoon or so.

Is this normal? The valves are spot on, and the bike runs great(except for the hard cold starting)

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Excessive oil in the overflow tube is a signnof loss of compression. Rings and or cylinder worn. This pressurises the engine cases and oil to find its way to the tube.

If your valves are in spec low compression will make the bike dificult to start when cold.

If your valves are in spec low compression will make the bike dificult to start when cold.

Its always been hard to start when cold, and the top end was just done last year. The condensate tube comes from the valve cover from the valve cover, so I dont see how low compression would affect this. I will check compression to be sure. 

Thanks for the reply

At higher rpm's you can get blowby.(past compresion piston rings) This pressure builds up in the crankcase and push oil out the vent. Search, I know there are topics on thumpertalk. If you crashed the bike recently it couldbe residual left over.

Too much oil will end up in tube also. If your getting blowby the rings there will usually be signs of oil in the airbox too.

No oil in the airbox. Sorry if I am beating this to death, But here are some comments:


1. The factory service manual says to change the piston and rings every 15 hours-I realize that is based on a racing schedule, but I dont race, and that seems a little excessive. There is nothing in the manual about checking the compression; do you know what the compression should be? Not trying to be cheap, just dont like to fix things when they aint broke. Of course, I normally ride a 650R, so, well you know.....


2. I replaced the factory piston after about 30 hours-there was virtually no wear. Put a Wiseco kit in, ran exactly the same. It has always been hard to start cold. Put in the R & D powerbowl, did not have any effect on starting. Dropped the main jet to a 172 as Charlie C suggested some time ago, and that improved the cold starting dramatically


Like I said, the bike runs great after getting it started, no smoke, great compression (based of the kickstarter that is)and doesnt go through oil. I am very careful about oil level, and I change it every couple of rides.


I know my tag says Newbie, but I have actually been on this forum for quite some time-had to change my name due to unfortunate circumstances.


Thanks again.

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So I went out tonight-temp about 45F, turned on the fuel, let some out of the overflow, started on the second kick.

Very odd. Going out this weekend for a long ride, let you know how it goes

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