Where to buy Dirt bike compression tester?

I just bought one at the local auto store only to find out the tube end does not thread into the spark plug hole because it is too short.  Dealer doesn't have any.  Don't see any motorcycle specific on RM or bike bandit.  Is there one online someone recommends or where I could get one at the store?

Get a compression tester kit or something, it should have multiple sizes/leangth. Jut find the right width one, but make sure its no longer then the threaded part of the spark plug so the piston doesnt hit it. Pretty much anywhere you can find the, most auto stores, hardbor frieght, anything really

I got mine at auto zone and the hose that runs from the gauge has about a 1/2in thread then it treads into some adapters that go into the head so any size will spark plug will work. It comes with a bunch of adapters even though I've only used two. I don't know what the others are for.

Do you have a 4 stroke with a really small plug (like my KX-F)? If so, you may have to up some bigger $$ for something along the line of one of these.. http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/partno/08-0188/


Or if you know a welder, you can break the porcelain and electrode stuff out of an old plug, gather up the air chuck fitting for the gauge end, piece of hose, and another open air line fitting for the other end, weld the cleaned out end of the spark plug to the open fitting. Then you can use it with the tester gauge you have now. Hose, hose clamps, and fittings will be about $5-$6, but it may cost you a few more to get the plug end welded onto the fitting. I've made several for leak down testers and such, but I can cheat and weld the stuff myself.


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