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help with a 99 rm 125

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OK so I picked up a 1999 RM 125 for 75 bucks it was pulled down to the crank so I traded my 1990 RM 125 for a 1998 RM 125 to use for parts now I got my bike running but the clutch doesn't seem to do anything I smoothed all the small grooves in the basket since it was a hinson billet basket that came with the bike. Now I. Have it nice and smooth but the clutch don't seem to work at all I pulled both covers and when I pull the clutch I can watch the outer basket move out and in smoothly but I noticed that if I have the clutch cable adjusted the cam part in the left case where the cable goes into kinda bottoms out that I cant pull anymore. Could the inner clutch basket where the steel plates go cause this? Now I build the bike from 2 boxes of parts that have been pulled apart for years the clutch looks fine like the friction material has a lot of life left so. I'm not sure whats going on with it if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated since I have tried many other forums and they are all. A waste of time I was also wondering does the 99 RMS have a ball bearing in the pushing rod or not ? The bike was worth every penny its in pretty good shape and now has a new top and bottom end so that's all good it runs great with 155 lbs of compression but it don't matter if I can't ride it lol.

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