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Coolant in Engine Oil Help

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2005 CRF 450R.


About 5 miles into my ride today I noticed milky engine oil draining out the airbox onto my swingarm.  Checked my oil level and it was all the way up to the cap!  Checked my coolant and it was just about empty :(  


 Bike still runs and starts great.  Added some water to the radiator and limped it back to the truck.  Interestingly enough I checked my coolant level once I got back to the truck and it was still topped off. Does that mean the bike needs to get real hot before it continues to leak?


Tranny oil looks fine.  Does that mean everything is OK with the waterpump?  


Should I focus on the head gasket or are there other potential areas that should be looked into before I tear the engine down?



Thanks for your help.

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