Cleaning a carb

I have a new to me 02 cr125 that needs a carb clean. Never done a carb clean before. How hard is it? How long does it take? Also, if you could point me in some good instructional videos, that would be great. Thanks!

It's a very basic carburetor, so not much involved in cleaning it really. 1 or 2 cans of spray carb cleaner, take it out, turn it upside down and take the float bowl off. Float and needle out, jets out, spray everything including the carb body passages out good with the carb cleaner (paying close attention to the pilot jet). Put it all back together and back on the bike. Don't over tighten anything, small aluminum threads can be fragile. Time involved? That will vary widely by who's doing it. Check YouTube for videos, otherwise look your bike up on any of the online parts fiches to get an idea of what's in it and where it all goes. Just a small handful of parts, so shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Piece of cake. Make sure the carb and bike are clean as possible before tearing the carb off.

After watching a few vids, looks pretty easy. Is it a round slide carb?

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