Just bought a bike and need help!

Hi, I have just bought a Yamaha yz 85 (2001) and I am slightly confused about the engine size.

After looking for a new piston it seems before 2002 Yamaha made yz 80's but released the yz 85 in 2001 as a 2002 model??? On the frame number it states the bike is defiantly a 2001 I just want to know how I can determine wether the bike is a 80 or 85cc if anyone knows anything I'd be really greaffull

I'm fairly sure that your on the right track as what year the bike is and the engine should have a vin# also.Are there any number's on your cylinder ? For example,my 125 has 124CM stamped on the cylinder. 

He's correct the cylinder should be stamped with the engine size. It will e 79 or 84 cc's. 2002 was the first year for the yz85. Anything earlier is a yz80

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