KDX200 wont stay running

Hello, I have a 1986 KDX200 that I recently picked in a trade. Took everything apart and cleaned everything internally and on the outside as well. When I try to start it up, it occasionally will turn over and run rough for 5-6 seconds then shut off. Usually takes 8 or 9 kicks to get it to start briefly. Whenever I turn the fuel on and try to turn it over, I will get a steady stream of fuel out the carburetor overflow plug then wont stop until I shut the fuel off. Sounds like I have an issue with my carburetor but I'm not sure what it is. Anyone have any ideas on what I need to look for?



Your float needle isn't seating for one reason or the other. Take the carburetor apart (jets out, everything), clean everything thoroughly with spray carb cleaner, pay close attention to the pilot jet. Check/set your float height, and make sure your float needle hasn't got a groove worn in the pointed rubber part.. Drain your fuel tank and make sure you don't have a bunch of sediment floating around in the bottom, adding new fuel line and an inline fuel filter won't hurt anything at this point either.

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