10oz flywheel weight= tractor!!!

I just had a 10oz flywheel weight put on last week end ...wow i can pull hills in third no prob.This is the best mod i have done!!!! Not one stall all day !!!can't waite for the tight trails!!!


That's cool to hear. I just ordered a 12 oz. for my WR. Should be on this weekend. Very excited, especially to try some rocky single track stuff.

felixx where did you order your 10oz. weight from, because i would really like to have one, i have a 98 yz400 and have a buddy that has a 99 with a 10oz already on it when he bought it, and i love it. :)

The addition of a flywheel weight is IMHO the single best mod you can do for the mighty YZFs. The MXers may not appreciate it as much, but for ANY other use, it is incredible due to the better torque, easier starting, and lack of stalling.

You can get a Steahly unit at your dealer or call Steahly Off-Road at: 800-800-2363


Hey strack, The kit i bought was from white bros.I wanted the whole flywheel with the weight already on but my shop ordered the wrong item, they ordered me just the 10oz kit. So i said what the hell i will keep it. Plus they gave me a deal on install only 55$ bucks to put the kit in cause they ordered the wrong part.I really love to hill climb and all the hills i can pull in third . I can actually accelerate up hills now and there is no need to shift as much just chugg it and short shift. The torqe is awsome!!!


i race motocross and put a 10 oz on my 01 426 and its the best thing i done to the bike yet. it tracks so much better and makes it almost impossible to stall.

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