replacement carb Help


Just checking for some input. I need a new carb for my bike but not sure what to get. Any help would be appreciated.

My bike is a 2000 RM 250. I can buy a replacement body for the carb but not sure if I should go that way. If anyone has a carb that will work on my bike and want to sell let me know.

Thanks for your time.


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I’m curious why you think you need a new carb? Yea, it’s close to 14 years old, but carb bodies don’t wear out. Rebuild the existing one with a kit. I have a 1974 Honda XL250 that has the original carb body. I’m sure it’s been rebuilt numerous times, but the carb body is now going on 40 years.

I need a new carb or carb body because the float needle seat was in bad shape and will not seal. The seat can not be replaced on this carb you have to replace the carb or the body.

why would he seat be in bad shape?

It most of had water in the carb before I bought the bike. The water damaged the seat it Iooks like.

just find a used one on Ebay, should be less than $50

Take it into a machine shop, along with the needle valve, and see if they are able to touch up the face

To late. I tried to fix it myself. Now its screwed for sure.

Well finally found a carb. Had to get it out of Sony Plain Alberta.  Had it it overnight shipped only took 4 efing days. Missed another weekend of riding.

Well I through it on last night bike seems to be running good. Hope I get some riding in over the next while.

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