2012 xcf-w 250 not starting(not mine)

 My uncle, who always rides 2 stroke, thats all he knows, went out and bought a new one of these, now it just sits there, and he rides his other bikes. tried to start it till the battery died, and kicked it over and over and still nothing. 


 any common problems with these bikes, or they just hard to start? figured I would try to find as much as I can on this bike for him, it's sad to just see it sit in the garage. he said "I will never try and race that bike again, not with it being hard to start, and over heating, I will just use it as a farm bike"

Fuel pumps, fuel filters and injectors. if the pump cycles when you tap the starter it's most likely a clogged injector.

Ye, I can hear it cycle, that is one thing I checked.

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