06 motor noise

Bike seems to be running good but started making a noise that sounds like motor is going to explode. Kind of sounds like coming from exhaust side anyone have similar experiences

Sure , it's best to stop riding it and start searching for the cause , start at the top of the motor and work down .

Just depends, check the valves first, my 06 was loud then after I adjusted the valves it seemed to be better. Change the oil and look for metal or brass in the engine side oil and filter this will tell you if the crank is on its last leg. If you see this do not ride and do a full rebuild. As for the piston you can check the wear and replace if needed, sometimes you can tell from the piston skirt. Hope this helps.


Almost sounds like the cam chain tensioner let go

Remove the valve cover and look

for the love of god please dont run it anymore lol. could be a multitude of things, crank bearing gone bad, cam bearing, valve dropping but not bending, something in the primary drive (kickstarter, idler, crank gear etc)


pull the right side case cover first and inspect, then move to the valve cover and look CLOSELY. if you dont find anything in either one then its probably time to tear it apart.

doesn't sound like a crank bearing, as it's not a perfectly steady banging.. but i agree with above.. STOP running it, pull stuff apart to inspect.

Easy way to check the crank is to pull the stator cover and grab the flywheel and try to wiggle it. You may get some in/out movement (shouldnt but could) but anything that you can even hear up and down is a bad bearing and typically from what Ive seen is the needle bearing on that side is what goes bad. All Balls sells a rebuild kit if the rod is ok. All you need is somebody than can pull the gear, swap the sleeve and put the gear back (in the right place) for you. 

Appears to be the Hinson clutch basket, anyone had one do this.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380941135.396829.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380941166.478159.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380941189.812729.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380941208.577778.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380941233.346588.jpg

i had a funny clank noise coming from my bike, thought it was detonating, but turned out to be the chain, as soon as i tightened it noise went away 90% of the time

Loosing the cushions in the drive isn't uncommon. Just call Hinson, They'll send you new ones. Honda doesn't sell them as a part item. They should, but they dont. 

Is there any other early signs of the cushions going bad as I have another one that has a Hinson basket also. I am not sure I will be able to fix this basket as it looks some of the other pieces are bad. Plus I am not sure that I could get the broken bolts out of this basket. Any thoughts???

I got a minute to look at that better. It looks like a bolt or two broke, then the gear tried to peel itself off the basket. Or they werent tight and got sheared off as the basket spun. The basket doesnt look too bad, but the holder plate is pretty beat up. Drilling the bolts out of the basket isnt that tough, and I get the feeling they probably arent tight or locked in anyway. 


You may be able to save that basket, but you'd probably be better off buying a junk basket off ebay and snatching the gear etc off the back to get fresher parts. If it were me, Id probably pull the engine and split the cases because youve got a bunch of crap in the trans from the heads of those bolts and all the wear off the plate. 

yes, had all the cushions crumble when i had the motor get pretty darn hot when a weep hole was leaking (water pump seal bad). Hinson MAY send you new cushions, they did for me one time but may have been lucky that they agreed to do it. They are about $30 a set. As Shawn said, You can't buy em from honda as they are part of the OEM basket (comes with gear/cushions/backing plate).


as stated already.. whoever put that together (you have to use your OEM gear that you grind off the OEM basket) they didn't use red locktite and/or didn't tighten the 3mm alen head bolts enough..

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