Will ice expanding dent removal work on Ti?

Dents in my FMF Powerbomb Ti header. Water freezing trick work as well on Ti as stainless?

I tried to freeze an fmf mega bomb, it didn't work, it started to leak at the welds and didn't pop, I got scared and pulled it out of the freezer, same technique has worked on other pipes.

At which welds was it leaking ? Mine is dinged where the header joins the mid pipe, just before the "bomb" bulgey part.

It was leaking in the welds inside the megabomb


You can't really freeze the U part without putting water in the megabomb because it won't build pressure, it just expands upward.


Thinking of cutting off the megabomb, so I can plug the U part, and putting a slip joint over the cut section

It probably will work. What do you have to lose? I have done 2 stroke expansion chambers with success. I have split one. I took it to the local welding shop, and got it stitched up for 15 bucks. Way cheaper than a new pipe

The mega bomb is Titanium, not many places to get it welded cheaply

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