Please please please help me find this!

I really need to find a crankshaft for a 1982 yz80 my stepdad and u have refurbished the entire motor but we can't find a crankshaft anywhere if you have one for sale or could tell me where to find one it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Prox goes back to 86... Have you tried a yam dealer. We used to be on an obsolete parts network. Someone may have one sitting on a shelf. Or contact hotrods and see if they will rebuild it for you.

What about having Ken O'Connor Racing rebuild it. He is reasonable with his prices and has a quick turn around.

Have you checked ebay?

Yeah eBay had nothing for it as far as cranks go, I'm just looking for anyone who might have one or knows someone who does , thanks for the replies

I doubt you will find someone with a tight used crank on here. Cases don't get split otherwise usually. Having yours rebuilt is probably your best option.

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