1.85 rim with 110/80-19 on a 450 anyone try ? I did

Just lookin for opinions , I just ran my 250 rear on my 450 today on a little trail ride. (450 rear needs new sprocket) Seemed to work well lots of traction pulled like the 110 90 set.


I have the Pirelli 110/85 19 on the 250 rear

and I usually run 110/90 s on the 450


So I checked the Dunlop site http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/tire-catalog/off-road-adventure/mxsx-off-road-geomax-series/mx51/ and the measurements of the tires for a 110/80 on a 1.85 is just a smidge smaller width and diameter than a 110/90 on a 2.15 .


This seams to look like a good option to run , save weight and use the 2 other 250 1.85 rears I have on both bikes am I missing something  tho ... any draw backs you guys can think of ?



Dunlop made the 110/80-19 tire specifically for use with the 2.15" rim so I wonder why they used the 1.85" rim in their sizing charts... unless it's a typo.

I thought it was a 250 tire like Pirelli s 110/85 19

we go wider on rims to get a better foot print . 

Please please please let me know when your going to mount it. I'll bring beer and munchies for the show. You'll get it done, but you'll be bloody, sweaty, angry and a couple other EEEs before you get finished.  :p


The narrower rim pulls the sidewalls in giving the 110 a more rounded profile. Knobs stick straight out sideways almost. Dont ask how I know  :cry:

Ill post pics of the 250 rear tomorrow , the only problem I had mounting was getting it to bead up , it took 3 or 4 bleed and pressurize cycles with lube to get one spot to even out

EVEN with soapy water ? 

Has anyone tried mounting a 100/90-19 in place of a 110/90-19? I have some leftover discontinued Dunlops from my KTM250, wondered if I could use them on a CRF450.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380749511.361525.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380749521.957437.jpg

100s would be too small on a 2.15 rim

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