1.85 rim with 110/80-19 on a 450 anyone try ? I did

Just lookin for opinions , I just ran my 250 rear on my 450 today on a little trail ride. (450 rear needs new sprocket) Seemed to work well lots of traction pulled like the 110 90 set.


I have the Pirelli 110/85 19 on the 250 rear

and I usually run 110/90 s on the 450


So I checked the Dunlop site http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/tire-catalog/off-road-adventure/mxsx-off-road-geomax-series/mx51/ and the measurements of the tires for a 110/80 on a 1.85 is just a smidge smaller width and diameter than a 110/90 on a 2.15 .


This seams to look like a good option to run , save weight and use the 2 other 250 1.85 rears I have on both bikes am I missing something  tho ... any draw backs you guys can think of ?



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