Enduro computer.... odo, clock

ok so I ran my first endure and had a blast, rode it blind no clock odo or roll chart but still fared decent just mooching of my row but hated not knowing anything.

I decided I would like to get a computer, I'm on an 05 YZ250 so no odo so I need an odometer regardless if I go old school timing. 

I was looking at an ICO but they are no longer manufacturing them, so it looks like I'm down to the DE Watchdog. does anyone have any experience with this unit?  Are there any other options?

I found a thread on the phone based unit and I'm intrigued but no odo, but says they are working on something..

Have you considered the Vapor Trail Tech unit? I have on on my DRZ-400 and love it. Speed, RPMs, clock, ODO, and has the added lights for hi/low beam and turn signals. They're pretty popular, inexpensive, and easy to install. 

I've thought about them, I've had them on other bikes but I'm thinking more advanced unit.  that will probably be the direction I go if I go roll chart n odo 

I have the Trail Tech Voyager for my 2012 CRF450X and I love it! Gives me the ability to build my own maps on my computer then transfer it via sim card to the Voyager. It has GPS, speed, odo, tach, coolant, time, altitude, navigation. 

Yeah , the Voyager is a nice product

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