Anybody running black plastics on a yz250? Looking for ideas

Looking for ideas. Really liking the factory effex monster graphics/black plastics. But it's so hard to find for the yz250.

So post some yz250 with black plastics and a good graphic kit

Where is a nice monster radiator shroud graphic that will fit the 02-12 yz250s?


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I ran my 95 all black for awhile and it really showed scratches. If you ride woods or crash a lot keep that in mind.

Smez that was the exact auction I was looking at. I'm just trying to visualize what I would look like on the yz. Thanks! I may end up buying these

Yeah I figured scratches woul be present on blCk plastics, like a black car it shows everything

Black graphics on blue might look good. I did blue on yellow on my rmz.

Back in 94 there were all black yz with red seats. Every black one I've seen recently is covered in skulls or flames :(


Acerbis Plastics will hook you up with some cheap black plastics and STS Motorsports has the best graphics!

I have black white and blue... ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380485546.894050.jpg

The back fender was black until I looped it

Smezmx, that's exactly what I want. Ill just keep my blue plastics and buy some black monster graphics

Where is that exact graphic setup cause it doesn't look the same as the one on ebay? I believe that is only for the 4 strokes:(

here is one of those old bikes i mentioned.



My bikes all black and blue


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