crf250x no spark

hi all first time post.. i realise there are other topics on not having spark but the way mine happened was different .. i took my bike out for a ride today i got probably 100m down the track before it died the first time .. i then kick started the bike and it started on the second kick.. and no more then 100m again over a large bump it died once again.. and then the electric start wouldnt work i noticed there were exposed wires and checked the main fuse which had blown... so now its replaced but the bike has lost spark.. the coil is new and the stator has just been rewound.. does anyone have any ideas? the bike has ran without a problem every other time and was rebuilt less than 10 hours ago along with the intake shims




edit : no spark with electric or kick

Edit : stator is reading blue:yellow to green:White 240ohms

Blue:White to white 50ohms

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Not sure if you have the same problem but the relay for the Ignition switch crapped out on mine. Sounds similar to what happened to you so worth a look I guess.


When you turn the key on you should hear a little click come from the relay. If you don't I'd say it needs further Investigation.


Hope that helps :thumbsup:

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did you try unhooking the kill switch?   why was the stator rewound? did they float the ground

hey guys thanks for replying.. so i cant hear a click from the starter relay so i bought a new one along with a spark plug but i still cant hear a click from it.. 


Highmarker : by unhook im guessing you me unscrew it from the bars ? yes i tried that .. i had the stator rewound because ive had this problem before when i rebuilt the bike and replaced the intake valves i had no spark and stupidly replaced anything and eventually bit the bullet and took it to the shop and they told me it was a ( wiring problem ) what do you mean by float the ground? 

I assume he's means the Earth and on that note. I also changed my triple clamps which stuffed up the earth on my bike as well (Fresh Anno I'd say). I re-connected it on the frame near the radiator.

thankyou all for the help as it turns out i replaced the wrong wrong relay..


AddictedtoBling : thankyou so much i now have spark

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