Kick starter stuck closed?

Hey so I was wondering if anyone could help me out? After much searching I have not been able to find anything that helps.

So today I was riding on a trail bike started fine, got to a point of interest, stopped admired the view, then back to riding. Well thing is is the kick starter was jammed closed ( as in up and out of the way so you don't hit your leg) any idea why or how I fix it? Wasn't really an issue as I just bump started it and off I went.

Would like to get this fixed though,


The bike is a 09 kx250f

Best bet is to pull it off, tear it down and check everything out. A steel ball on a spring catches in a dimple to keep it closed and open. Sounds like trash is around that ball preventing you from swinging it out to kick start it

Ok thanks, do I have to take the whole starter out of the bike or can I just take the shaft off?

The problem is you can't swing out the kick starter right? If so you only have to remove the kick starter. I do believe its an Allen head bold that holds it on the shaft? I think

You can take just the kick pedal off. Two bolts. One is Philips the other is Allen. The allen applies pressure to the spring. Just clean it all up and make sure you put the spring and ball in before you reassemble.

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