Please help me

What bike do you guys recommend for me. I'm 16, 6 foot 4 inches, 240 pounds and a mid pack c grade rider. But after riding some trail riding I'm hooked. I've owned three bikes in my lifetime. A 2000 honda cr80 which I got when I was 9 that blew up 3 times in 4 years. My parents said I'm not aloud to get another 2 stroke because it was such a bastard of a bike. When I turned 13 I got a 2000 yamaha yz426 but I didn't like the feel of it at all. It just felt so heavy, big and very uncomfortable and hard to ride. When I turned 15 my brother broke his leg playing footy so I borrowed his honda cr125 to race. I loved the bike but now that I have improved and grown i need something a bit bigger. I need something for the occasional moto ride but mainly enduro and trail riding. I only ride a maximum of 20 hours a year and I just need something realialbe to ride tight sand single trail, and long wide open tracks with steep rocky hills. Plz help me!!

Consider .. Ktm 250 / 300 EXC

Please tell me everything you know about this bike and if it will be good for me!!!

Sure , they are light , reliable , versatile . Road registrable in AUS . Have good broad power , good spare parts backup in AUS .

Get Down to a Ktm stealer and have a butchers hook !

Why can't you get another 2 stroke if your currently riding CR 125 two stroke?

I would look at a Ktm 200 or a 250 (2 strokes)

(4 stroke) wise- a 250f

Get a 250 2t. It's what you need. If they were bitchin about a cr 80 needing rebuilt let them see how much and surprisingly often a 250f is!

CR 250.  since you like the 125 right?

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