Cost to make street legal

Hi guys I'm not sure what forum to put this in so i just put it in this one. i own a 99 wr400 and im just wondering (i know it probably wont be worth the money) but it has no wires for lights at all on it, it has a headlight (not connected and i have a tail light with 3 small lengths of wire coming from it and i was wondering how much it would cost to make it street legal again p.s. i live in Australia
i am coming up to 16 and i just want to know if it will be worth it to try and fix this bike or try to get another

Not sure about those kits out there and what not for pricing. I got a north american 09 berg 450fe that I made street legal. I live in Canada where you have to have everything. $550 for head light, 4 led signals, led brake light/license plate light, bar mount switches for turn signals/high low beam/horn, DOT rubber front and back, fuse box, relay for signals, (might be wrong on the name) master cylinder brake switch??

And passed with flying colors in the inspection. this was extremely easy to wire up because this is basic wiring if you did any electronics. But make sure your stator can handle it. I'd suggest you go to your local motorcycle shop and price everything out compare that to a kit.

oh wow thats good, i might head up there tomorrow and check it out

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