Honda CR 125


How can I figure out which year is my CR 125.Some numbers and letters of the VIN is not clear to see.I believe it is a 1995-1997.I search on the internet for a new airbox system for it,where can I find one?


If you have good advise please comment


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white airbox and the shrouds say 90-91


US models use the 10th digit of the vin for the year. 

91 or 92.


With the white airbox and white tank, I would say 92.

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Hi.How can I figure out what is the year model cuz the VIN is not clear.Can I go to a honda store?

I can see the following(It can be wrong and the short one or two at the end and there must be 17 characters)): 11MWOLO1_5302256 

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