exhaust pipe help

Hi gies matty im new here, I have just got a 98 kx 250 , motor is rebiuld 250 with the sqwish factor,

i was wondering witch new pipes I should go with it has a pro circuit exhaust, its the pipes im not to sure about but all and any help would be much appreciated, should I go with factory 304 pro circuit, or fmf shorty, or fmf silencer , what do you think off the top of your head I know its hard to say without trial an error and I dont mind getting a couple to try, just hoping someone could give us a good place to start thanks,i really want the best as I had one of these when I was younger and so im rebiulding 4 the love everything will be new, should be great fun already is even tho its in pieces frames all painted bran new looks aws, thanks all much appreciated.

Are you asking which silencer to go with? Cuz you said pipe but named silencer. But silencers don't make a huge difference performance wise, it's really just sound and appearance. I'd just keep the stock silencer, or get the pro circuit to match your pipe

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