Kxf 450 2012 lighting kit

Lighting kit


pro racing in the U.K. have kits for your bike

Jorden :ride:

Is ther a website matey and much thanks for lettin us knw


Just ring them on 01788-510300

Jorden :ride:

Nice one

Pro racing we're extremely helpful nick450x and have the harness perfect for my bike thanks a lot ;)

I have the penetrator 610 for my 2012 KX 450. Super bright and reliable. Raced with it at the perry mountain 24 hour challenge this year

Weres that from and what does it run off


Remember the Fuel Injection system on the KXF is powerful to run any light without installing any thing apart from a light. The only thing is you will have to turn the light off when your trying to start it as the light sucks all the power.

How do you do that then I know thers two plugs behind the number board one for the light but it wud still need power from somewere

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