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Raw 500 Two Stroke - Fuel Injected CR500

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Fuel Injected CR500 Starts at 29 seconds.


Make sure to watch in HD!



This is just another compilation video for others to enjoy of RAW 500cc two strokes pinned.  Some clips might be from members on here so some credit goes to you guys!  If I used your video that means I really liked it!


Some clips may be popular, but I tried to find videos that didn't have many views yet. So please read the youtube description and go check out the original videos to find more information about these bikes, especially that fuel injected CR500.  All video links are posted on youtube.


Enjoy the greatest sound ever! (opinionated)

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Just in case anyone wants more info or hasn't seen the video already of the Fuel Injected CR500 aka YZR500 here is the full video, this thing is wicked.


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