Seized chain adjusters!

I have a 2010 kx450f, I went to adjust the chain and the bolt that screws into the swing arm is seized solid , I lubed it and left it for a few days and it was no help , the bolt just flexes and feels like its going to break

What can I do???

You're going to have to take the swingarm off, take it to a machine shop, have them remove the bolt, put in a timesert or something similar and keep those bolts lubed with antiseize from now on.

Tap it with a hammer and then try again. If that was no help then I don't know! Take off the swingarm and work it out.

you loosend up the nut that sinches it down first right?

Take off the backwheel so that you can get a socket on it and see if that'll help.. it'll probably snap in half though, happened to a friend

If you're going to pressure wash a bike additional care is needed. Taking apart linkage and greasing and backing out adjusters and using anti seize. I don't pressure wash anymore just because it accelerated this problems.

The swing arm is hollow behind those bolts.  You can drill a small hole towards the end of the swing arm and flood the inside with PB Blaster then stand it upright and let it soak.  It may take a couple of days.  If you are able to turn the bolt clockwise you might have luck rocking the bolt back and forth.  You might also consider cutting the head off, notching the bolt with a dremel and just screwing it into the swing arm with a flat head screwdriver.  If you are worried about it rattling around in there you could fill inside with Great Stuff.  When you are done, anti-sieze.

Ha Ha, read this then ran out in my slippers to the shop and lubed mine real good! Forgot to do them when I tore down and lubed everything when I got it new. 

Thanks for your input guys!

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