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2014 YZ450f Flywheel

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        So I'm in the process of selling my '12 to buy a '14 and want to know if anyone can confirm that the GYTR flywheels are different.  I'd like to keep the GYTR flywheel and transfer it to the new bike if possible.  I know both the stock and GYTR flywheels have different part numbers.  However, the parts diagrams look identical and I've found no mention in reviews or specifications of changes to the flywheel or crankshaft.  I know the bike has not been out very long but I'm hoping someone has at least tried this or compared the two parts. 

        On a side note, I contacted IMS the other day.  They are currently working on an oversize tank for the '14(No surprise).  Sounds like it will retain the stock shrouds and not protrude like the 10-13 design.  I'm excited to see how it turns out.  Anyways, thanks for the help!


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