Manual Cam Chain Tensioner (MCCT) Clarification

Hello All,


I'm planning a few minor mods on a stock 2009 DRZ400-S for the winter and the 1st one planned due to the simplicity and economic aspect is the MCCT. Ive checked the youtube video at the link below and truly appreciate the simplicity of it. Ive also done a search on eBay and found the APE Manual Chain Tensioner, is this the one most of you guys are using?


Any feedback much appreciated.


Youtube video:




I'm running the APE one on my DRZ and had one on my F4i. Very happen with both.

The APE or the TT MCCT are good, both do the same job.

+ 1

Thanks for the feedback, ordered the TT one (made in the US, yahoo!) and will install it this month.

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