Won't Start...Again

I went out and tried to start my '06 400S, getting ready to migrate to Arizona (I'm retired). Once again it won't start. This has been going on for years. I don't ride it enough is the real problem. I use it in Colorado for running the mountain passes in the summer for a couple of weeks and then use it as a gofer in the winter in Arizona. It just can't seem to set over a month. Usually it's been the carburetor, pilot jet plugging, but once it was stuck piston rings. I've done the mods, 3x3, JD ,Yamaha petcock , bigger battery etc etc etc and still it won't start after sitting. I am getting tired of this continuing situation and was wondering if installing a FCR would make any difference or should I just get a fuel injected bike? I tried the 250 Yamaha last year and it just didn't seem to have enough power for the pavement in the mountains. I'm happy with the DRZ's power, but I do change the gear ratios between Colorado and Arizona. Solutions are solicited.

If it's been a plugged PJ before, then why not just drain the carb bowl before you let it sit for a month. It takes all of 30 seconds to do.


Problem solved :thumbsup:

FCR will not help at all.


Drain the fuel from the carb.  With a manual fuel valve, gas off, carb drained, choke on, try to start it.  It will fire a few times to clear the fuel circuits.


Disconnect and plug the fuel hose (I don't trust any petcock)


Use only alcohol free gas.


Use a battery tender.


Piston ring sticking is not normally a problem.  Usually a consequence of fuel gum from gas getting in the cylinder

I try to run ethanol free and a little startron in my little used engines with good results thus far

Treat your fuel with a stabilizer......

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