GoPro Tear Offs used at MXdN?

Could it be?? Sure looks like a tear off type system.....

interesting. i know there was a great video from lars eknerkel (how do you spell his name again?) at erzberg and the lens got dirty just as he hit the really interesting bits. tear offs would have been great!

If it is it's stupid... why would a pro rider take his hands off the bars for anything other than his own benefit (goggle tearoffs). It's just an unnecessary extra thing they have to focus on and remember to do... whats the point


Edit: unless its an automatic rolloff of somekind... then thats awesome!!! lol

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if you open it, and zoom in, you can see it a little better, still can't tell, but it might be an automated roll off. you can see the wires on the bottom right of the camera that feeds to the system.


 I can understand for a pro rider, but for me, I can easily take my finger and wipe the lens, and it's ok, I have never had problems like other people where it doesn't wipe clean, it always does for me.

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