2006 suzuki rmz 250 oil check help

Ok I am a mechanic and know my way around things but for the life of me I can not find an oil check any where on my 2006 rmz 250. I have looked every where for a dipstick or a sight glass it has neither. So how do you check the oil in your rmz 250. 



If it doesn't have the sight glass then you may be able to check it with the oil check bolt.... I'm not at the bike so I couldn't point you in the right direction but more than likely that's what you need to find.

There is a check bolt on the clutch cover

which side is the clutch cover. On the left I have 2 bolt type plugs one is high and smaller than the lower. on the right all I have is the fill plug. is the top on tht I need to have oil flow out of.


Should be on same side as the filler cap but on the clutch cover itself.

I will take a pic tommoroe

So I think I found it. Its location is not what I expected. on back side of cover next to the cover bolts so it looks like the cover bolts so to the average mechanic not what I would have looked for. Thanks for the help and info.

If its anything like my 08' the oil check bolt is on the clutch side below the filler cap. Bottom left corner, the bolt should be an 8mm internal hex.

Hope this helps mate.

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