WR 400 American sites to buy parts from?

Hi everyone


I am rebuilding my WR 400 from scratch, and im currently living in Denmark. The market for parts for the Yamaha WR 400 is much bigger and cheaper in America and i have an American contact who is able to get the parts i need shipped to his address in the states and then redirect the parts to me in Denmark that way i can get around the danish customs and not pay a horrifying amount in customs money. my question is where the best place to buy parts, by parts i mean engine parts, "BlingBling" covers, Exhaust and so on. who has the biggest selection and the best prices with a webshop of course.


Thank you!


// Anders :thumbsup:

When I restored my Wr400 I bought parts from
Thumper talk shop: www.thumpertalk.com/shop/
Eric Gorr: www.eric-gorr.com/

and various places on ebay, some of them in the US, some in Great Britain


I'm from Sweden so I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to prices.....

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