Jetting now that I have an mrd/ssw exhaust

Hey everyone,


I installed an mrd/ssw exhaust earlier this year (before summer, which is basically my winter) and currently have the carburetor off for cleaning.  I jetted the carb when I first purchased the bike, but I'm pretty sure I could put in a bigger pilot jet in with the new exhaust and thought I'd get some opinions.


Here are my stats:

At sea level -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Very humid air -- should start to lighten up soon.  Probable average might be ~65%

K/N air filter


MRD/SSW exhaust with silencer


Current jet settings:

Red main on 4th position

155 pilot

Extended fuel screw


After doing some searching, it looks like many are using the blue screw at the 4th position.  I'm wondering if I made a mistake when I originally jetted.  I was simply going to try changing the pilot jet to the #160.





You are talking about the main jet and needle


Use the Blue needle on clip 4 (counted from top) and a 155 main jet should be fine....


Stock 22.5 Pilot jet with extended fuel screw (2.75 turns)

Edited by Craigo 485sm

Thanks, Craig!


I'll give this setup a try tonight.

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