Oil and starting issue! Won't panic yet!

Hello,any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated guys. As some know I've recently put a new cdi and stator on and the bike has run as good as I can remember. Whilst riding today a slight bog occurred so I stopped the bike. Upon looking down I noticed oil on my boot I've assumed this come from the stator cover and indeed it did. I stupidly forgot to put the gasket on. Put it on and problem solved. Not so. Bike just backfired when I tried kick starting. I then bump starting and it run for a few seconds but there was oil coming out the breather hose so I cut the bike again. I've drained the oil and will put fresh in tommorow and see wait happens then. I must also admit I think there was too much oil in the bike to begin with. Am I taking the right steps? Or is this a more serious issue? Thanks.

Hello, I drained and then put correct amount of oil in.Pulled the spark plug which looked very dark. I then put a new plug in and a clean air filter, before trying to kickstart the bike, all I'm getting is the odd popping/backfire noise. I've also checked for spark which is big and blue. My next step will be to check the valve timing and valve clearance. Am I taking the right steps guys or am I way off? Thanks in advance.

Hello. I pulled the cylinder cover today, seems the valves are in spec but the exhaust cam marker dots are 1 tooth out. This was with it at tdc. The cams are pro circuit so is this normal? Should I change it so it's right according to the manual?

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