690 enduro engine life

Hi i just got a 690 this year and i was wondering. How many miles you can put on one before you start to run into major engine work. So the question is who out there has the most miles on your bike

My friend had 40 000 kms on his smc before he refreshed the top end, not even sure what he did when he did the top end though

I don't even own a 690 and want to see some answers here. Surely there's got to be a few people with decent miles on one of these.

The 690 is a fairly new model, maybe you'd get more answers if you asked about the 640, which basically is the same.

PS. Had a 640 enduro a few years back - had run about 36000km when I sold it. Without any issues.

 The 640 LC4 is not even close to being the same engine!


I can't really speak for high mileage as I only have about 13000 (mostly offroad) miles on my '09 690, but if you search over on ADV there are several riders with 80-100k on theirs already. I've read a few reports of topends needing replacement around 25-30k miles. It seems like the fuel system is the questionable part as far as reliability, the hard parts (engine/ tranny) seem to be pretty stout.


Here is one example that is still on a round the world trip: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=781893

33,000 miles and the only thing i had to fix was the radiator hose that sprung a leak. Haven't had the need to adjust any of the valves after checking.  

Noah has his RTW trip over on ADVrider. 


He's currently in Japan with 85,000km's on his bike.


-says he'd choose no other bike for a trip like this.




Here's where you go to learn about this bike, all 800 pages worth.




Here's the thread with all of the answers you seek as to the longevity of this bike:




I had two 640A's over the years, bought a '12 690E and sold the '97 640A.  Haven't ever regretted the decision.  My '12 only has 4.5k miles on her at this point and it's never missed a beat and makes me grin like a stupid kid everytime I take it out for a ride.



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