My 2013 CRF250R does not run on idle and misfires at low rpms!


My 2013 CRF250R with 11 hours on the clock does not run as it should.

If i don't hold a bit of throttle, the engine dies. 

I also notice that on lower rpms i runs really rough (pops).


My suspicion is that the fuel filter is clogged. 


Has anyone else had the same problem?


And just to make my day; I found that the rear shock is leaking for the second time.

I've never been so unfortunate with a new bike ever.


Please try to help me out!



Have you tried adjusting the fuel screw (I forget what it's called on the EFI machines)?


When I got my 2012 it was idleing really low, even stalled a couple of times.


couple of quarter-turns and it was running smoothly. I think you turn counter-clockwise to speed up the idle.

I wish it was the idle screw, but it's not.

I've only adjusted that once after it's break-in.

I did try it earlier today with no result.(at the track, when the problem occurred)


If I let of the throttle at about 3-5000 rpm the rpms drops and the engine stalls.

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