bike cut out then rattling noise

i just had a rebuild bout 20 hours ago went for my first decent ride on the weekend and was just cruising along in 5th and the engine cut out, started it back up and there was a horrible rattling noise that got worse then went away a tinny sort of noise.. then it seemed to run algood but there is a deeper humming noise that wasnt there before..


help  :banghead: 

So you just kept riding it ?

I can only assume we have just experienced the same thing. Mine wouldn't start back immediately but when it did it thumped like crazy. Something in the crank let loose on mine and seized the big end bearing. My crank lasted through 2 previous owners though. Pull the head off and check that conrod for play or for seizure, it will save you a lot of troubleshooting time if you can eliminate it. 

i had to keep riding it i was stuck in the middle of the woods..

just took it to the shop will let you know what happens..

Mine did the same thing. I ended up needing head, cylinder, piston and crank. A piece of my piston broke off. I didnt have an hour meter, but it wasnt due for a top end in my mind. Sucks

thats crap. its at the shop now waiting to hear what they say.. was my first real decent ride on it.

bottom end bearing..

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