honda cr 250r 88 crankcase cover will it work on a 86 bottom end?

heres the deal..i bought a 88 waterpump cover its a 2 peice inner and outter,,,the question is..the waterpump on the 88 has a arm that hooks into the spindle cam and on the 86 it does not...they look exacttly the same really except for the arm..and i put the 86 waterpump into it and it bolted you think it will work? the reason is the valves in the cylinder on the 86 is spring loaded from 86 to 87 and the 88 threw 89 is after swaping the water pump i will then swap the valves out of the cylinder and hope it will work..i would think it should,,,do you?  heres a pic of the 86   thanks guys


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