Just got my first two stroke, advice?

So I traded My 1984 xl600 for an 88 cr250, I've been wanting to get on a 2 stroke for a while now

So the cr has been fully built, wiseco forged piston, some fancy reeds, can't remember what they were, port and polished head, and a port and polished carb? I didn't know you could do that, well holy crap!! This thing is insane fast!! Way faster then my 600! It was pulling wheelies like nothing!!

Anyways I'm way excited to get riding this, but I wanna know what I should check for and change on these?

The front brake lever is broke, so that, the rear brake is super touchy, it'll lock the rear tire on the slightest touch and skid. The gas leaks if its not turned off

I'm also curious how long I should let it warm up before I ride, and any good techniques to starting?

Anything else I should know about?

Thanks guys

Welcome to the 2 stroke world!! Sounds like you have a runner. I like to let mine warm up until its uncomfortable to hold your hand on the cylinder. Both radiators should be warm by then too.

The only advice I have for you, is to wear your safety belt, and maybe upgrade your life insurance. watch out for surprise / violent wheelies if it's a heavy hitter in the midrange.


I have a 89' cr250 I can't wait to get running, i'm ready for some violent / surprise wheelies.

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I should also say this is my first water cooled bike, I've have several bikes, but all air/oil cooled and I would just touch the fins, so the radiator? Cool

Ya this thing defiantly has those surprise wheelies! Like whoa! On my 600 I could clutch wheelie, but on this I just gave it some gas and it was up! Did not expect that!

So what as far as fluids should I be checking, I've read a lot about doing a top end job also, not sure if I wanna do that.. will a compression test tell me? And on a top end job, since it seems to be something that should be done so often, are you suppose to hone everytime?

And as far as tuning, I'm going to guess its done right, so here's the back story, the guy I got it from got it from his neighbor, he road it a few times and it scarred him to bad, his neighbor didn't ride it to much cuz it didn't fit him, he had a cr500 that he blew the engine up on, took it to a shop to get it fixed, but they wanted his frame for a hill climbing bike they're building, my cr250 was dropped off at this shop and built to be a racing bike, but abounded and left there, so they traded him this bike for his 500

Anyways that's the back story, so I'm gonna assume the shop tuned it right, but if it wasn't, how do I tell, on my 4 stroke I always went off the exhaust, color if any and smell, but these are different..

wooo hooo !!! yeah welcome to the adrenillan {cant spell that}filled world of the 2 stroke,pulled and rode a 5th gear wheelie at over 50mph today,i ve ridden a bunch of the new 4 strokes,450s and 250s both and none of them are as fun as a 250 2 stoke!!!!!!

Geeze talk about adrenaline! I'm startin to think I should have got something a little less powerful, or just a 250 that wasn't built, just messin around with some jumps that I used to play with on my xl6, the last of the set of four always sends you into a nose dive so you blip the throttle and level, well I blip the throttle and this thing wants to do a back flip! Needles to say Im now missing all the skin off my knee, and that section of my jeans... My girlfriends gonna kill me

Anyways now more questions, how do I loosen the back tire, for one the last guy has this chain stretched so tight I don't know how it moves, two I have other rims I may want to throw on, I loosened the two nuts on each side and that didn't help with the chain.. but I did forget to tighten them, and this thing sure feels squirly, hopefully that'll stop when I tighten them, or it may just be that I'm used to the weight of my 600

Get a service manual. It will tell you how to adjust everything! if the chain is that tight it may break on you and cause a lot of damage. 

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