sg10 or sg12?

gaerne sg10 or sg12, which one will give the best protection on tite single track?

One two one two get it on....

I always used Alpinestars Tech 8's once I tried them. I liked them much better than the Tech 6's. But I tried the Gerne sg10's since I found them for sale at a race. They were ordered wrong and being sold cheap. They are by far the best boots I have used. They grip great, feel comfortable, and they don't seem to wear out as quick. I do feel they could benefit from a little more protection but all in all, I love them. From what I can see they are the same as the A-stars. The 10's are the standard boot, and the 12's are the step up for comfort and quality. If I had the choice, I would go with the 12's but the 10's are more affordable. I will point out in the A-stars I wore a 12 and the Gerne I wear an 11.

sg 10s

I love my 10's. I would guess that the 12s are even better.

I love my SG10's, I don't feel like spending the extra money on 12's when these get the job done

I recently made a 2 hour drive just to try these on because nowhere in San Diego stocks them. The gentleman who assisted me was very helpful. He said they are very similar; the sg-10 is a wider boot, so it fits people with wider feet better, the sg-12 is a more narrow boot, and has a better ankle system.


Love my SG10's.  I'm sure the SG 12 is as good, or better....but it would depend on the price difference for me.  If I was in the market for new boots, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair of SG10's.

I love my 10's. I would guess that the 12s are even better.


I'm not so sure.. some fast guys I ride with say that the 12s are just extra money, that's it. 


I know this thoughy Gaerne SG10s saved my ankles yesterday.  TWICE.  Riding tight nasty enduro I took my right foot off the peg in a turn and over some logs, but clipped my toe on the log.  Next thing I know my footpeg hits my calf and my foot gets dragged under the rear wheel at over 10 MPH.  Yeah, I felt my ankle stretch but the boot protected my ankle w/out even a sprain.


Compare this to when I was 17 and couldn't afford new boots.. I sustained a hematoma on my shin from the front wheel kicking a stick into the air.  I wish I had good boots that day.

Either way will be a good choice. If you've got the money, go with the 12s.

If not, save a few bucks and get the 10s. You'll be plenty happy and most importantly SAFE with either.

I've got sg12s now and they've saved me a few times.

the sg12 product description mentions a smaller toe box and lighter design. that sounds great for mx guys ,but maybe means less protection for stump and rock dodgers like me. there's always a tradeoff isn't

Like I said before. It's just a more expensive product. It is better but just a little. I know guys pick Astar Tech6 over Tech8 just like people will choose the sg10 over the sg12. To be honest, the SG10 without the bootie is more comfortable than the Tech8 with the bootie. It comes down to preference and cost.

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