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Suzuki drz400s wont tick over!

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Hi, im Alex,

Iv owned my 2001 suzuki DRZ400s for about 2 months and one morning i went into the garage, pushed the starter and nothing.. The battery was dead, (it was only charged about 4 days befor as it had died aswell), and now iv charged it back up it doesnt idle.. If i put the choke on it will start and run but as soon as that choke is off it cuts out.. Iv adjusted the rev screw on the carb but i dont wana have to keep the bike constantly on high revs, also i took the carb out as i thought the pilot jet was blocked but it was fine (cleaned it anyway just to be safe) but now the carbs back in and the problem hasnt changed im confuzed at what it could be.. Could it possibly be a battery problem or altenator? Or something completely different?

I want to avoid having to take it to a garage because im exactly rolling in cash atm. :)

Also: i bought the bike and kept it in my garage for 2 months and without realising my battery had died and was completly flat for about 2 or 3 weeks so if that possibly has something to do with the problem? But i couldnt figure out why i wouldnt have had this problem sooner if it was.

Thanks, Alex

All inputs welcome XD

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I'm not real clear on the chain of events by your description, but it seems it didn't have the no idle problem until you charged the battery.  Not familiar with your bike, but I wonder if it has an electric idle jet (solenoid).  If so, it may have a blown fuse for that idle solenoid.  Maybe one of the mods will move this to the DRZ forum for some seasoned exsposure.


Any chance you touched the battery charger wires to the wrong post of the battery?  Even for just a split second?


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